10 Items of Clothing Your Straight Friend Wears (and you wish didn't)

We take a look at the top pieces of clothing your straight buddy wears, and wish he didn't (or maybe did). Take a look a let us know if your 'bros' ever try these hetero go-to's. 


White Plaid Shorts

1. White Plaid Shorts

Baggy, below the knees, and almost always with some sort of cargo-pocket situation.


Sleeveless Gay Tank Top

2. Sleeveless Undershirts

Skin-tight and ribbed.


Dress Shoes Gay

3. Square-Toe Dress Shoes.

Aka his "nice" shoes.


Pastel Mens Shirt

4. Pastel Dress Shirts

Particularly pink and lavender.


Gay Team Jerseys

5. Team Jerseys

That they actually wear.


Gay man pull over sweater

6. Half-Zip Pullovers

Usually layered over a dress shirt.


Tacky Mens Hat

7. Fedoras

You know, like Justin Timberlake.


hot mens Shorts

8. Mesh Basketball Shorts

That they love to wear when they're not playing basketball.


Men in Vests

9. Vests

Suiting-style vests that are rarely ever part of any proper adult mens outfit


Straight Friend Fashion

10. Checkered Button-Down Shirt

There are at least two of these in every guy's closet.

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